Research & Consultancy

Research Areas

  • Rheology and Processing of Polymers
  • Reactive Processing, Polymer Blends and Alloys
  • Polymer Composites
  • Polymer nanocomposites and nanomaterials
  • Mixing and compounding, Microcellular Polymeric Foams
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Shear Thickening Fluids
  • Body Armour
  • Electromagnetic interference shielding materials
  • Self healing composites
  • Smart materials
  • Polymers for biomedical applications and drug delivery
  • Polymer synthesis
  • Semiconducting polymers
  • Aliphatic polyesters
  • Catalysis
  • Phase behaviour and fracture mechanics of polymer composites
  • Blends and block copolymer based materials
  • Polymer tribology
  • Polymers for packaging applications
  • Polymer recycling
  • Controlled release of agrochemicals
  • New synthetic routes for surface and interfacial engineering
  • Controlled free radical polymerization techniques
  • Anti-fouling and biocompatible polymers
  • Rubber compounding and technology
  • Sustainable additives
  • Biodegradable polymeric materials
  • Polymer brushes
  • Electrohydrodynamic jetting
  • Micro and nano structured materials
  • Multi layered polymeric particles
  • Crystallization Kinetics

For further details regarding areas of research please visit faculty webpage.


Various consultancy projects are also carried out at CPSE. For details on consultancy project please contact or visit faculty web page.