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    Prof. A. K. Ghosh is a distinguished and renowned Professor in the field of Polymer Science & Engineering at Indian institute of technology, Delhi, India. Prof. Ghosh has over 28 years of research and teaching experience. With over 1300 citations, an h-index of 20 (from isi web of science), and 7 patents to his credit, he is regarded as a global leader in the field of Polymer Processing and Rheology, having significantly contributed in the areas of Reactive Processing of Polymer Blends and Alloys, and Microcellular Processing of Polymeric Materials.

    Prof. Ghosh obtained M.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India (1982) and a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA (1986). He worked as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, USA till 1990 and then joined the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1991. He is a recipient of Young Alumnus Award of Chemical Engineering Department, Calcutta University and Meritorious Service Award of Indian Plastics Institute, Mumbai, India.

    He held the prestigious Reliance Chair Professor at IIT Delhi during 2006-11.He has supervised 20 Ph.D. theses and over 80 M.Tech. theses. For his innovative development of polymeric orthotic knee joints for locomotor disabled people, with successful field trials on 1000 patients, he was conferred the National Award (2015) . He is a member of National Academy of Sciences, India, Editorial Board of Journal of Plastics Film & Sheeting and International Journal of Plastics Technology. He is elected as International Representative of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS), USA , Asian Workshop in Polymer Processing (AWPP) and Fellow of Indian Plastics Institute.
  • Academic Position
    Head, Centre for Polymer Sci. & Engg.

    2014- 2017

    IIT Delhi

    Associate Dean, IRD

    2009- 2011

    IIT Delhi

    Head, Centre for Polymer Sci. & Engg.

    2006- 2009

    IIT Delhi

    Reliance Chair Professor

    2006- 2011

    IIT Delhi


    2005- till date

    IIT Delhi

    Associate Professor

    1997 - 2005

    IIT Delhi

    Assistant Professor

    1991 - 1997

    IIT Delhi

    Research Assistant Professor

    1988 - 1991

    Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA

    Post Doctoral Fellow

    1986 - 1988

    Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA

  • Education
    Ph.D., Chemical Engineering


    SUNY Buffalo, New York, USA

    M.Tech., Chemical Engineering


    IIT Kanpur, India

    B.Tech., Chemical Engineering


    Calcutta University, India

    B.Sc. (Hons.), Chemistry


    Calcutta University, India

  • Research Grants

    Development of Advanced Personal Protective System using Shear Thickening Fluids (Rs.493.00 lakhs), DRDO, Govt. of India


    Polypropylene Foaming and Recyclability (Rs. 31.35 lakhs), Borealis AG, Austria


    Benchmarking of Plasma Polymerized Modified Hollow Fibre Membranes, (Rs. 08.50 lakhs), Applied Membrane Tech Inc.,USA


    Polymer Nanocomposites: Application & Development, (Rs. 10.0 lakhs), with John Deere. Pune


    Development of Light Weight Ballistic Materials System For Body, Vehicle And Structural Armors, Grand Challenge Project of IIT Delhi (Rs. 100 lakhs)


    New-Gen Polyolefin Films for Hygiene Applications (Rs. 9 lakhs) with The Proctor & Gamble Co., USA


    Design & Development of Advanced composites’ Hinge Joint (Rs. 49 lakhs) with NRB, DRDO


    Processing of Smart Biodegradable Polymeric Composites, RMIT, Malebarn, Australia (Rs. 5.50 lakhs)


    Development of Open-cell Thermoplastic Foarms through Microcellular Injection Molding Process (39.6 lakhs)


    Thermoforming of PP Sheets for Industrial Applications, Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai (Rs. 30 lakhs)


    Intelligent Processing of Advanced Polymeric Materials with DST, Govt. of India, (Rs. 130 lakhs) with research fund of Rs. 26 lakhs from Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai


    Functionalized Imide Oligomers for Use in High Performance Thermosetting Resin Systems Solvay, USA (Rs. 9.00 Lakhs)


    Standardization and Technology Development for Processing of Polyester Chips and Films, Polyplex Corporation Ltd., Noida (Rs. 10 lakhs)


    National Macro Study on Plastics and Environmental Issues Indian Centre for Plastics in Environment, Mumbai (Rs.4.25 lakhs)


    Evaluation of Potential Membrance Applications for Water Disinfection and Alcohol Fermentation Applied, Membrane Technology Inc, USA (Rs.15 lakhs)

  • Research Scholars

    Sanjeev Kumar

    “Studies on foam processing and degradation behaviour of PLA based blends and composites”

    Mohammad Tahir Zafar

    Studies on Natural Fiber Reinforced Poly(lactic acid) Based Foamed and Unfoamed Biocomposites

    Rajendra Kumar

    Studies on poly(lactic acid) based bio-degradable blend and composite

    Sabapathy Sankarpandi

    Super-critical foaming of Poly(lactic acid) based biopolymers


    Studies on different Shear Thickening Fluids and their fabric impregnated composites

    Anindya Dutta

    Investigation on Foamability of Polypropylene and Its Elastomeric Blends

    Ritima Banerjee

    The Foaming Behaviour of SEBS Based Blends and Nanocomposites

  • International Collaborations
    • Visiting Scientist, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, USA June, 2012
    • Visiting Scientist at UIUC, USA, June 2012
    • Visiting Scientist at University of Guelph, Canada, June 2010
    • Visiting Faculty at University of Akron, USA, June-July, 2006,2007 & 2008
    • Visiting Professor at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, October 2006.
  • Books
    • “Life Cycle Analysis in terms of Environmental Studies” ICPE Publication, Thompson Press, New Delhi (2002)
    • "Plastics for Environment & Sustainable Development" ICPE Publication, Thompson Press, New Delhi (2003)
    • “Life Cycle Analysis of Plastics in Packaging” ICPE Publication, Thompson Press, New Delhi (2005)
    • “Advanced Materials Research” IIT Delhi Research Review, Vol.1, Issue 3, April (2010)
    • “Processability of Polymers” –in progress, Springer (India) Pvt. Ltd (2015/16)
    • “Processability of Polymer Composites”- in progress, Springer (India) Pvt. Ltd (2015/16)
  • Research
    Research Experience:
    Twenty-eight years of research experience with initial three years in University of Pittsburgh, USA followed by research at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Main research areas are : Rheology and Processing of Polymers, Reactive Processing, Polymer Blends and Alloys, Mixing and Compounding, Polymeric Nanocomposites, Modelling and Simulation.
    Research and Guidance:
    Supervised 20 Ph.D theses and 84 M.Tech projects in various areas of polymers, some of which were conducted in collaboration with industries. Presently, seven students are pursuing PhD under his guidance.
    Research Evaluation
    Examiner of Ph.D. thesis in various institutions and Reviewer of papers for publication in International and National Journals.
  • Awards
    • 5th National Award, Deptt. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Govt. of India (2015)
    • Received FITT Award for Best Industry relevant Ph.D project at IITD, (2009)
    • Best ISCA Poster Award, Indian Science Congress (2004) and Polymer Processing Society (2009)
    • Meritorious Service Award, Indian Plastics Institute, Mumbai (2002)
    • Distinguished Young Alumnus Award, Calcutta University (2001)
  • Teaching Experience:
    Over 24 years, teaching various courses (UG & PG) in Polymer Science and Engg., and Chemical Engg. Developed Polymer Processing Lab Course (PTP720) and supervised Summer Training of M.Tech. Programme. Courses taught in Polymer Science:
    • Polymer Processing(PTL720)
    • Polymer Engineering and Rheology(PTL707)
    • Polymer Blends and Alloys(PTL714)
    • Polymer Reaction Engineering(PTL718)
  • Patents:
    • “An improved Geo synthetic Clay Liner and method of manufacture thereof” Application no. 1198/DEL/2002 dated 28/11/2002
    • “Rust Reforming and Inhibiting Composition” Indian Patent No 607/DEL/2003 dated 16.04.2003
    • “Rust Inhibiting Overcoat Composition” Indian Patent No 608/DEL/2003 dated 16.04.2003
    • “Biodegradable Masterbatch (BioD-MB) Formulation for Packaging Film Application” Indian Patent Appl. No. 787/DEL/2004 dated 17.04.2004.
    • “Photodegradable Masterbatch (PhotoD-MB) Formulation for Packaging Film Application” Indian Patent Appl. No. 788/DEL/2004 dated 17.04.2004.
    • “Radial Impregnation Die (RID) for Rapid Processing of Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic Composites”, K. Senthil Kumar, N. Bhatnagar & A. K. Ghosh, Indian Patent No. 258/DEL/2008.
    • “A Composition with High Mechanical and Thermal Properties and Electromagnetic Transparency” Submitted to Indian Patent Office (2009)
    • “ An Apparatus & Method for Controlling Distribution and Dispersion of Nano Particles in Polymers” Submitted to Indian Patent Office (2009)
    • “Multi functional Knee Joint of FRP Composites For Polio and Cerebal Palsy Patients Indian” Patent No.1832/DEL/2009
  • Memberships
    • Fellow, Indian Plastic Institute
    • Member, National Academy of Science India
    • Member, National Science Congress, India
    • Member Editorial Board, Journal of Plastics Film & Sheeting, USA
    • Executive Member, Polymer Processing Society, USA
    • Executive Member, Asian Workshop on Polymer Processing, Japan
    • Member, Research Advisory Council, GAIL, India
    • Member, Research Board, ShriRam Institute of Industrial Research
    • Member, Advisory Committee Member (PAC), DST, Govt. of India
    • Founding Member and Secretary, Polymer Processing Academy, India
    • Life Member, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, India
    • Life Member, Indian Plastics Institute, India
    • Member, Association of Roto Moulders, USA
    • Member, Materials Research Society of India
    • Member, Society of Polymer Science, India
    • Member, Fibre Forum India
  • Best 10 Papers
    • Satpal Singh, Anup K. Ghosh, S. N. Maiti, S. Raha, Rahul Gupta and S. N. Bhattacharya, 2012 “Morphology and rheological behaviour of Polylactic acid (PLA)/clay nanocomposites”. Polymer Engineering & Science, 52, 225-232. [Cited by 20, Impact factor-1.441]
    • Shikha Jain, Murali M. Reddy, Amar K. 1.Mohanty, Manjusri Misra and Anup K. Ghosh, 2010, “A New Biodegradable Flexible Composite Sheet from Poly (lactic acid)/ Poly (å-caprolactone) Blends and Micro-TalcA New Biodegradable Flexible Composite Sheet from Poly(lactic acid)/Poly(ε-caprolactone) Blends and Micro-Talc” Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 295, 750-762,.[Cited by 30, Impact factor-2.781]
    • K. Senthil Kumar, N. Bhatnagar and Anup K. Ghosh 2008, “Mechanical properties of injection molded long fiber polypropylene composites, Part 1: Tensile and flexural properties Polymer Composites, 28, 259-266.[cited by 28, Impact Factor-1.455]
    • Nandi Sangita, Anup K. Ghosh, 2007 “Crystallization kinetics of impact modified polypropylene” Springer Science’’ Journal of Polymer research, 14, 387-397. [cited by 14, Impact Factor-1.897]
    • Kavita Abrol, G.N. Qazi and Anup K. Ghosh, 2007 “Characterization of an Anion-exchange Porous Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membrane for Immobilization of ABL Lipase” Journal of Biotechnology 128, 838-848. [cited by 39, Impact Factor-1.169]
    • A. Pich, S. Bhattacharya, Anup K. Ghosh and H.J.P. Adler 2005, “Composite Magnetic Particles: 2. Encapsulation of Iron Oxide by Surfactant-Free Emulsion Polymerization” Polymer, 46, 4596-4603. [cited by 62, Impact Factor-4.224]
    • Arup R. Bhattacharyya, Anup K. Ghosh and Ashok Misra, K-J. Eichhorn, 2005, “Reactively Compatibilised polyamide6/ethylene-co-vinyl acetate blends”: mechanical properties and morphology; Polymer, 46, 1661-1674.[cited by 47, Impact Factor 4.224]
    • S. Tyagi and Anup K. Ghosh 2002, “Morphology Development during Blending of Immiscible Polymers in Screw Extruders” Polymer Engineering and Science, 42, 1309-1321. [cited by 20, Impact Factor-1.441]
    • Anup K. Ghosh, J. Bijwe, J. John Rajesh and A. Jeyakumar, 2000 “Influence of Solid Lubricants and Fibre Reinforcement on Wear Behaviour of Polyethersulphone” Tribology International. 30,697-706. [cited by 73, Impact Factor-2.765]
    • Anup K. Ghosh and J.T. Lindt 1992, "Fluid Mechanics of the Formation of Polymer Blends, Part I: Formation of Lamellar Structures” Polymer Engineering Science, 32, 1802-1813. [cited by 74, Impact Factor-1.441]
  • The Lemon Tree Initiative
    A young man with Down Syndrome, Arnav Ghosh has been working in Lemon Tree since 2012. Mr. Patu Keshwani, Founder, Lemon Tree believes that by providing employment opportunities to specially abled people, the society can not only help in giving them economic empowerment, but also develop their latent potential. Such initiatives instill self-confidence. Arnav loves his job. He enjoys learning new skills and looks forward to his daily interactions with his friends (colleagues).

    Please find The Lemon Tree initiative video in the following link:
  • Contact
    Prof. Anup K. Ghosh
    Centre for Polymer Science & Engg
    Indian Institute of Technology
    Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016
    Phone: 011-2659-1424